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Kitchenware Items

Kitchenware Items
Hawkins Futura 6 Liters - Pressure Cooker (Black)
-64 %
Brand: Hawkins Model: F60
A beautiful combination of form and function, Futura is the only pressure cooker in the world to have been displayed by The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Futura cooks on average 46% faster than a microwave oven.  The beautiful, durable black finish given by 60 micron thick hard anodis..
Rs 3,612 Rs 10,012
Ex Tax:Rs 3,600
La Opala Diva Juniper Blue Dinner Set of Twenty Seven Pieces
-70 %
Brand: La Opala Model: Juniper Blue 27PC DIVA
Bring home this 27-piece 'Juniper' dinner set from La Opala and get ready for compliments from your guests. This white, green and blue coloured set features an attractive design and will be a great addition to your modular kitchen. Further, this opal glassware set is dishwasher safe...
Rs 2,990 Rs 10,000
Ex Tax:Rs 2,990
Majesty Duo Cookware Set
-81 %
Brand: Bajaj Model: Duo Non Stick
Rs 1,900 Rs 10,000
Ex Tax:Rs 1,900
Milton Thermosteel Bullet Shape Flask
-100 %
Brand: Milton Thermoware Model: Thermosteel Bullet Flask 1L
Rs 5 Rs 10,000
Ex Tax:Rs 5
Milton Thermosteel Carafe 1100 ML
-89 %
Brand: Milton Thermoware Model: Thermosteel Carafe 1100 ML
Rs 1,090 Rs 10,000
Ex Tax:Rs 1,090
Neelam Dura Hot tiffin 7x4 with Bag
-94 %
Brand: Neelam Model: Dura Hot 7x4
Rs 590 Rs 10,000
Ex Tax:Rs 590
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