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Brand: Robustix Model: Commercial 3 Feets Wide
 What is a Air Curtain?Air Curtain creates an invisible air barrier (curtain) between a room and its surrounding thus preventing the cool/hot air inside the room to escape outside ,thus maintaining the comfortable temperature in the building and also saving a lot on electricity that otherwise w..
Rs 12,300
Ex Tax:Rs 12,300
Brand: Eureka Forbes Model: Nano RO
Relish naturally sweet water, everyday. AquaSure Nano RO has a five-stage RO purification process which removes the unwanted salts and impurities and gives only sweet, pure drinking water for your family's good health. Its compact and sleek form will fit in any modern kitchen well. With its 4 litre ..
Rs 9,850 Rs 10,000
Ex Tax:Rs 9,850
Avro Fly Killer Machine - Killer 500
-16 %
Brand: Avro Model: Killer 500
How does a Fly Killer Machine Works ?Fly Killer machines are fitted with High Tension Net & Special florocennt light. The flying insects are hypnotised and drawn towards the lure of florocent tubes of the units & die instantaneously on the elctrically charged grid. They dead insects are coll..
Rs 2,100 Rs 2,500
Ex Tax:Rs 2,100
Avro Ultrasonic Pest Repeller
-88 %
Brand: Avro Model: UPR-AV Single
Rs 1,200 Rs 10,000
Ex Tax:Rs 1,200
Beetel M59 Corded Landline Phone
-96 %
Brand: Beetel Model: M59
Key features :- Ringer Volume control Through Switch Redial Mute..
Rs 410 Rs 10,000
Ex Tax:Rs 410
Dynamic Shoe Shining Machine
-35 %
Brand: Avro Model: Dynamic SCM Black
Rs 6,500 Rs 10,000
Ex Tax:Rs 6,500
Electric Tandoor - Vibro
-50 %
Brand: Vibro Model: Vibro - GT
Tandoors have been there since centruies when clay oven tandoors were used in Places for making royal dishes to the present modern day senario. Now you too can relish tasty dishes in the comfort of home without compromising on quality of food or the precious space of your kitchen and still spending..
Rs 1,890 Rs 3,775
Ex Tax:Rs 1,890
Eureka Forbes Trendy Steel Vacuum Cleaner
-27 %
Brand: Eureka Forbes Model: Trendy Steel
For complete care of your home, you need to clean every hard-to-reach corner and surface. This is where the Forbes Trendy Steel vacuum cleaner comes to your rescue. Its powerful suction & blower function and variable power controls make it the most ideal unit for all your cleaning needs. Moreove..
Rs 7,300 Rs 10,000
Ex Tax:Rs 7,300
Hawkins Futura 6 Liters - Pressure Cooker (Black)
-64 %
Brand: Hawkins Model: F60
A beautiful combination of form and function, Futura is the only pressure cooker in the world to have been displayed by The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Futura cooks on average 46% faster than a microwave oven.  The beautiful, durable black finish given by 60 micron thick hard anodis..
Rs 3,612 Rs 10,012
Ex Tax:Rs 3,600
Hotcase Robustix Mini Door 33 Lits
-31 %
Brand: Robustix Model: Mini Door 33 Liters
FeaturesUsages : It is widely used at bakery shops, Restaurants, Household etc.How to Use Hot Case:When Using the hotcase for the first time pre heat Hotcase for about 15minutes. During the preheating process keep the Door / Sliding Glass open. A new element might emit some slight smoke for the firs..
Rs 1,850 Rs 2,675
Ex Tax:Rs 1,850
Hotcase Robustix Sliding Glass 108 Liters - One Slide Glass
-20 %
Brand: Robustix Model: Sliding Glass 48 Liters
Electric Hotcase are ideal for keep food piping hot for many hours. They are ideal solution for offices, factories, bakery shops, home etc. Today Hot cases are widely used by small canteens, restaurants, hotels, kiosks like at metro stations and railway statons etc.FeaturesUsages : It is widely used..
Rs 4,450 Rs 5,590
Ex Tax:Rs 4,450
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